Buying a Home around Lake Minnetonka, MN

Emotional intelligence and market knowledge are the main ingredients for purchasing the right home. As the buyer you are the only one who will know the home that “feels right”. Our goal is to provide the environment so that you can focus on that emotional side while leveraging our professional practice and local market knowledge. We walk in step with you throughout the home buying experience so that you can achieve your goal.

As residents of the Lake Minnetonka area, we understand the number of factors that go into making an intelligent purchasing decision. When purchasing an asset of this caliber, we strategically analyze the short, mid and long term considerations of your new home. These considerations include, but are certainly not limited to: lifestyle, configuration, functionality, energy efficiency, architectural interest, investment protection and potential exit strategies.

Our clients’ benefit from our authentic and inherent knowledge of the Lake Minnetonka community to discern and make intelligent decisions specific to their real estate strategies.Operating as this invaluable resource is a result of our continual evaluation of the local market through the lens of our 30 plus years of being residents, stewards and fellow stake holders of the Lake Minnetonka area.

Our clients’ real estate experience is a hassle free, streamlined process. With particular attention to detail, you command our Team’s undivided attention as we use high-tech and high-touch systems to optimize the entire process from start to finish.

Our Team is world class service. We work alongside you utilizing our network of local experts in the Lake Minnetonka area to ensure all aspects of your home are properly cared for during all phases of the home ownership lifecycle.

Many new listings are networked through private local target groups and never make it to the MLS. As our valued client, you have the added benefit of being “in the know” with non-MLS and pre-MLS inventory to maintain a competitive market edge.

Clients’ transactions are strictly confidential with security measures in place to ensure your information is never compromised or disclosed. We take your success personally. 

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