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Owning Historic Lake Minnetonka Homes

Historical Wyer Hill House

The Lake Minnetonka real estate market features many historic and aesthetically beautiful homes that are admired by many around the state and country.  However, for those looking to jump head over heels into a historic home purchase, it’s important to understand the responsibility associated with owning these homes and how it differs from traditional home ownership.   

The following are some of the many benefits and privileges in owning a historic home.  One benefit homeowners express is the ability to personally take an active role in the preservation of these historic properties.  However, the significant difference between traditional and historic home ownership is that the maintenance, renovations and improvements of historic homes must adhere to guidelines set by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.  The purpose of the standards are to preserve the historical significance of the home.  On occasion, requests to deviate from the standards have been approved when it is deemed necessary to preserve the overall condition of the home.  

Additionally, there are economic benefits to be enjoyed...

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