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Fall Decor Inspired by Lake Living

Fall Place Setting - Lake Living InspiredThis season on Lake Minnetonka, let the beauty of fall inspire you.  Honor this time of year by recreating nature’s grandeur at a table for family and friends.  Use the guide below and your resources in the surrounding Lake Minnetonka communities to help you form your fall table.

1.  Color.  Let nature be your guide here.  Look around, take note of what inspires you and choose colors that appeal to you.  Warm golds and creams, fall leaf orange and bright sky blue inspired us.

2.  Use natural elements.  Take advantage of fall’s gifts; flowers, tree branches, leaves, apples and pumpkins are just some of your choices.  We were motivated by a low antique candy dish to hold orange mums.

Fall Place Setting - Lake Living Inspired3.  Function.  Well-appointed table decor is...

5 Tips to Sell Your Home

5 Tips to Sell Your Lake Minnetonka Home

Using the 5 tips below will allow you to bring your home to the forefront of buyer's eyes.

5- Space

Stage furniture for pictures AND showings to leaving closets half empty, buyers are looking for space in their next home.  Working with a stager or interior designer to properly display your home's layout and space is a worthwhile investment.

4- Lighting 

Buyers love lighting and prefer natural when possible.  Removing drapes, cleaning interior and exterior windows, trimming trees back from the windows and even using full spectrum light bulbs will help to create a blissful environment.  

3- Pets

Buyers prefer not to see the remnants and belongings of pets in the home they are looking to purchase.  A smelly litter box, dog food dish and pet hair are easy turnoffs in buyer’s minds.  Properly cleaning and removing pet odors from the home is the bare minimum in preparing your home for its next owner.  

2- De-personalize

Help buyers envision their family living in the home.  Remove...

Healthy Home - Interior Light Management

Full Spectrum Light ComparisonAn essential step to achieving home health is implementing light management. Light Management is a term used by Dr. Sean O’Mara to describe the strategy of managing the influences of different types of light in your home. Dr. O’Mara is the founder of Medical Concierge Wellness, a company that focuses on optimum health and well-being. “Lighting is fundamental to our health. It has played a significant role in our lives since the beginning of time,“ says Dr. O’Mara.

“Both the presence and absence of light (darkness) have a biological effect on our bodies. Things happen because of light. Humans, as well as animals are programmed to respond to light. Ideally, as light increases, our brains begin to naturally increase the production of the hormone cortisol, thereby increasing alertness. As light decreases, such as in the evening, the brain naturally begins to increase the production of the hormone melatonin, and we become more restful,” says O’Mara.  To capitalize on the natural effects of light in your home, O’Mara suggests using full spectrum lighting. Full spectrum lighting incorporates a hard presence of...

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