Selling Your Home

5 Tips to Sell Your Home

5 Tips to Sell Your Lake Minnetonka Home

Using the 5 tips below will allow you to bring your home to the forefront of buyer's eyes.

5- Space

Stage furniture for pictures AND showings to leaving closets half empty, buyers are looking for space in their next home.  Working with a stager or interior designer to properly display your home's layout and space is a worthwhile investment.

4- Lighting 

Buyers love lighting and prefer natural when possible.  Removing drapes, cleaning interior and exterior windows, trimming trees back from the windows and even using full spectrum light bulbs will help to create a blissful environment.  

3- Pets

Buyers prefer not to see the remnants and belongings of pets in the home they are looking to purchase.  A smelly litter box, dog food dish and pet hair are easy turnoffs in buyer’s minds.  Properly cleaning and removing pet odors from the home is the bare minimum in preparing your home for its next owner.  

2- De-personalize

Help buyers envision their family living in the home.  Remove...

Stage Your Home to Sell

Bedroom StagingStatistcs show today’s savvy buyers know within the first 15 seconds of entering a home if the home is a match for their taste and lifestyle.    Sellers can use the following staging tips to counter buyer's quick judgement, show the home in its greatest light and attract offers.


Presentation is not a new term to the real estate industry and studies show that proper staging results in high return in terms of overall sales price.  Staging has evolved from the strategic placing of a chair and lampstand to the complexities of appealing colors and tasteful scents that appeal to today's buyers.   


Simplifying is the removal of furniture that distracts from the architecture of the home.   With focus on the design and unique finishes, buyer are able to picture how the home will meet their demands and lifestyle.  Buyers are purchasing lifestyle and they will place an offer on the home that matches their lifestyle.  Additional furnature and personal items distract buyers from entering into that lifestyle thought process. 


Depending on the current condition and style of the home, identifying needed improvements could help in maximizing...

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