Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka Sunset - No Wake

Lake Minnetonka Sunset - LMCD No Wake Restriction

A peaceful sunset on Lake Minnetonka is common during the week, the timing of this photo is unique in that it was taken during the warm Saturday evening on June 7th.  With the No Wake Restriction issued by the LMCD for all of Lake Minnetonka, due to the record amounts of rainfall over the past months, boat use seems to have come to a complete stop.  The Grays Bay dam is allowing the maximum amount of water to flow into the Minnehaha and now that we have the warmer temperatures more and more lake water will be evaporating, helping to lower lake levels.  However, it is still anybody's guess as to when the water will finally recede and the no wake restrictions will be lifted.  Until then, residents will continue to enjoy the calm waters and the peaceful weekend sunsets.


Aerial View of Lake Minnetonka in the Winter

Lake Minnetonka is one of Minnesota's greatest natural treasures and this wintertime aerial photo shows the area in all of its frozen beauty.  This recreational lake boasts more than 14,000 acres and is a hotspot for recreational activity in every season.

Lake Minnetonka in the Winter

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