5 Tips to Sell Your Home

5 Tips to Sell Your Lake Minnetonka Home

Using the 5 tips below will allow you to bring your home to the forefront of buyer's eyes.

5- Space

Stage furniture for pictures AND showings to leaving closets half empty, buyers are looking for space in their next home.  Working with a stager or interior designer to properly display your home's layout and space is a worthwhile investment.

4- Lighting 

Buyers love lighting and prefer natural when possible.  Removing drapes, cleaning interior and exterior windows, trimming trees back from the windows and even using full spectrum light bulbs will help to create a blissful environment.  

3- Pets

Buyers prefer not to see the remnants and belongings of pets in the home they are looking to purchase.  A smelly litter box, dog food dish and pet hair are easy turnoffs in buyer’s minds.  Properly cleaning and removing pet odors from the home is the bare minimum in preparing your home for its next owner.  

2- De-personalize

Help buyers envision their family living in the home.  Remove personal items and memorabilia in your home sidetrack buyers vision and makes them feel as though they are intruding on someone’s space.  What should your home look like?  Pick up a home magazine for interior inspiration and space layout.  Or, think back to the last resort or hotel you stayed at, what made you feel relaxed and comfortable?

1- First Impressions

Buyers judge a home by the MLS photographs and exterior before the showings.  With over 90% of buyers starting their home search online, having pictures that accurately tell the story of your home is the first step.   Once a showing is set up for your home, the buyer’s next 'impression' will be the exterior of your home.   What steps can you take as the seller to prepare the exterior?  In general, ensure that all aspects of your home back up the marketing plan that is in place to sell your home.  Landscaping, exterior features and interior should fall in line with the marketing message.  

Taking a proactive approach in the selling of your home will result in a quicker sale of your home.  For more information on selling your home click here.

Photo by: Paul Johnson

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